500+ Club – November 2010

Blue Marlin

Mauritius – “Brueder” 500 lbs.

Samoa – Capt. Chris Donato on Southern Destiny – 750 lbs

Cape Verde Islands – Anonymous – 750 lbs.

Pinas Bay, Panama – Miss Island Star – 500 lbs

Black Marlin

GBR, Australia – Capt. Tim Richardson on Tradition – 900 lbs.

Coiba, Panama – Capt. Geovanny from Coiba Paradise Sportfishing – 650 lbs.

GBR, Australia – Capt. Tim Dean on Calypso – 900 lbs.

GBR, Australia – Capt. Tim Richardson on Tradition – 800 lbs.

GBR, Australia – Capt. Ian Ford on Hot Shot – 500 lbs.

Bazaruto, Mozambique – Capt. Duarte Rato on Vamizi- 800 lbs

GBR, Australia – Gorilla – 950 lbs

GBR, Australia – Dave Cassar on Slammer – 500 lbs.

Inhaca Island, Mozambique –  Capt. Stephan Van Der Merwe  on Liberty – 500 lbs

**We try our best to chronicle all 500+ lbs Billfish that are reported to us. This is by no means a complete list of all fish, but simply those Captains who were kind enough to forward on their reports to us.

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