500+ Club – April 2010

The best month this year for big fish – not only did we see the year’s first grander (1104-pound blue in Kona), we saw some 23 billfish clear the 500-pound mark around the world in April.  The vast majority of these fish were in Kona – unsurprisingly as we’re coming upon their big fish season – but there were some select large fish in other parts of the globe as well.

Largest billfish caught in 2010 – an 1,104 blue in Kona

A look at all the beasts in April…

Kona – 1104 blue, 800 blue, 800 blue, 760 blue, 750 blue, 672 blue, 669 blue, 597 blue, 574 blue, 551 blue, 550 blue, 508 blue, 501 blue, 500 blue

New Zealand – 806 blue, 787 blue, 392 sword

Panama – 700 black

South Africa – 700 blue

Cape Verde – 700 blue

Lahaina – 672 blue

Kenya – 600 black, 500 blue

S Florida – 527 sword

And so our Grander Watch begins!  We’ll be keeping track of all granders caught in the world this year on Billfish Report’s main page.  But in no other place than here will you find odds on the next grander caught in the world…

Odds to catch world’s next grander

Kona – 3/1

Madeira – 4/1

Bermuda – 5/1

Canaries – 8/1

Cape Verde – 10/1

US East Coast – 20/1

Rest of world – 5/1

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John Harmeling is the co-founder of billfishreport.com and granderwatch.com. Having traveled to and fished the major billfisheries across the globe, he counts Kona and Cairns as his favorites, and the black marlin to be the ocean's supreme pelagic specimen. He believes the very best and most enjoyable place to find tuna is in a marlin's stomach.

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