Mid-Atlantic $500K – Day 1

Cape May, NJ & Ocean City, MD – 63 of the 134 Boats fished today and the White Marlin bite was very good. No other Billfish species were reported however, which was odd for this tournament. Here are the highlights from Day 1.
White Marlin Standings
1. Billfisher – 88 lbs.
2. Cracker – 82 lbs.
3. Three Way Tie – Singularis, Lil’Man and Topless – 69 lbs
White Marlin Releases
1. Shark Byte –      15 White Marlin
2. Miss Annie –      5 White Marlin
3. Topless –             4 White Marlin
Krazy Salts –           4 White Marlin
Judge –                     4 White Marlin
Pumpin’ Hard –     4 White Marlin
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