Who says you have to go offshore for marlin?

Two incredible stories from the last week on marlin – both seeing marlin caught INSHORE.

The first comes from Australia.  One REALLY lost marlin apparently had two encounters with people inshore.  The first time was right off the Capricorn Coast in Australia, with some really surprised anglers fighting a marlin and losing it alongside the boat…and then again, this time in a creek in Yeppoon, Australia – very close to the previous location, where some guys fishing at the mouth of the creek saw what appeared to be a shark aggressively feeding – only to see the marlin caught in shallow water and run aground.  Here’s a link to the local article in Australia…


And then…the same week, a marlin ran aground in Kona.  Story is available at the following link…


…and has been confirmed first-hand by the author.

Some confused marlin!

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John Harmeling is the co-founder of billfishreport.com and granderwatch.com. Having traveled to and fished the major billfisheries across the globe, he counts Kona and Cairns as his favorites, and the black marlin to be the ocean's supreme pelagic specimen. He believes the very best and most enjoyable place to find tuna is in a marlin's stomach.

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  1. Christopher Montes says:

    I have a friend who similarly caught a 185LB Bluefin tuna that beached itself in Chatham, Massachusetts while he was fishing in a bluefish blitz. Apparently the tuna chased the blues too close to the shore and swam right onto the beach. My friend wrestled the tuna further ashore and not long after it was sushi time!!!

  2. Christopher – That sounds like a GREAT day. Cheapest bluefin you ever ate.

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