1,169 Sailfish Released in the ILTTA

Guatemala – If you were wondering were to catch a Pacific Sailfish, you may want to remember to add Guatemala to your list. 30 Boats fished all four days of this Tournament to release 1,169 Sailfish. That is a 39 fish average per boat!

This was a very tight Tournament with only one fish separating 1st (Canazo) and 2nd Place (Spindrift) in the boat division and there was a tie in the Angler Division with Carlos Barnes and Ricky Jaen both releasing 24 Sailfish.


1st – Canazo – 54 Sailfish

2nd – Spindrift – 53 Sailfish

3rd – Release – 52 Sailfish


1st – Puerto Rico Light Tackle – 59 Sailfish

2nd – Guatemala 5 – 52 Sailfish

3rd – Guatemala 6 – 52 Sailfish


1st – Carlos Barnes – 24 Sailfish

2nd – Ricky Jaen – 24 Sailfish

3rd – Rafael Martinez – 21 Sailfish

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