Kona Summer Blues

850 lbs. Blue Marlin for Capt. Chip Van Mols

Kona, HI – The summer time bite seems to be a little later than expected this year. The best wave of fish seemed to start in August with the HIBT and the bite continues to be good. There have been some big girls around as well in August including a 1,022 lbs. Blue Marlin caught by Capt. Neil Isaacs on Anxious. Other big fish released came from Capt. Chip Van Mols with an 850 lbs. Blue Marlin, Lightspeed with a 700 lbs Blue and Strong Persuader with a 600 lbs fish.

Given the way the season has gone, we should expect to see good reports from Kona through the end of September.


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  1. Awesome!!!!!!!!! Way togo Chip and Hook!!!!!

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