Boat Sinks While Fighting a Marlin

Panama – In what must have been a very scary moment off the coast of Panama for Captain and Crew, this small sportfish lost its battle with the sea. Apparently the Captain lost control of the boat while backing down and maneuvering on this Black Marlin (nice one we may add). We are pleased to reports that all persons are safe and sound.

UPDATE : Despite internet rumors, the boat was NOT sunk by the fish itself. The line did not get caught in the rigger as some have speculated as well.


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  1. Esas fotos parecen mas montaje. No se ha escuchado nada de eso en Panama. Si me equivoco deseo saber quienes fueron. Es duro de creer que esto haya pasado. Un capitán de ese tipo de bote no es tan estúpido de hacer eso. Gracias

  2. Robert Brauns says:

    Where did this happen? I have asked around to the locations most likely in Panama marlin areas and no one knows of this sinking.

  3. …drag must have been set too tight…

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