“Circle Hook” Raises 80+ Sailfish in Guatemala

Guatemala - Capt. Eddie Bairez on the Circle Hook had three tremendous days on sailfish. In three days fishing, they released 66 Sailfish on 80+ Bites. This included some very good boat work by Capt. Eddie, when the crew managed to release 5 Sailfish at one time. Billfish enthusiast will remember this boat as Captain Hook (43' Willis) whose former skipper was sailfish expert Capt. Ron Hamlin. Bryan O'Dell was fortunate to be aboard when the boys experienced this great bite. He tells us the bluewater was in very close to Puerto Quetzal and was full of life. They saw huge schools anchovies being pushed to the surface by schools of bonita and ultimately the sails. They raised one blue and saw a free jumping striped marlin, so the bait brought the predators for sure. They even managed to see a humpback whale. Looking to get into some incredible sailfish action? Check out www.capthookfishing.com or email me at hook@billfishreport.com and I will point you in the right … [Read more...]

Kenya Records Multiple Slams!

Kenya - From the place that brought us the Billfish Fantasy Slam (5 Billfish Species in a Day), we got word of some very good catches in January from the boys fishing over there. Here are some Grand Slams recorded for the fleet. Broadbill - Black Marlin (400 lbs), Striped Marlin and 2 Sailfish Jasiri with Capt. George Allen - Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin and 2 Sailfish White Otter - Blue Marlin (300 lbs), Striped Marlin and Sailfish Kamara II - Blue Marlin, Striped Marlin and Sailfish … [Read more...]

Tropic Star Nears Record

Panama - World renowned Tropic Star Lodge (www.tropicstar.com)has had yet another phenomenal week. The Fleet managed to released 88 Marlin in 6 Days of fishing. This is just six (6) marlin short of all their all time record. These were not small striped marlin either. They released 37 Black Marlin and 51 Blue Marlin. Largest of the week was released by Gordon Moss, a very stout 800 lbs Black Marlin. Tropic Star's numbers reinforce why the Billfish Report called Panama the Top Billfishery in 2010. If they keep these numbers up, they will surely win again in 2011 … [Read more...]

Big Brazil Blues

Brazil - We have been getting some good reports from Capt. Antonio Amaral of Bahia Pesca down on the Royal Charlotte Bank (www.bahiapescaesportiva.com.br) on good size Blue Marlin. He has released at least 3 - 500+ lbs Blue Marlin in  January, with plenty more 400+ lbs fish. He released the 550 + Blue Marlin above along with a nice 300 lber that same day. It is probably a good time to remind everyone that the All Tackle World Record came from these very same waters. … [Read more...]

Carrillo Mixed Bag

Carrillo, CR - We just got from fishing with our good friend Capt. Jason "Butterfly" Coffrin on the Mr. Trigger. Jason put us on the fish for sure, raising Blues, Blacks, Stripes and Sails. We ended the trip with a spectacular 400 lbs Blue on 30 lbs test, that was a legendary fight and a story we can't wait to share. Look for the full article in the March edition of Fish Monster Magazine. … [Read more...]

Bazaruto Blacks

Bazaruto, Mozambique - We love big black marlin and while there is no doubt the best place to catch one is off the Great Barrier Reef, you would be hard pressed to beat Bazaruto. Capt. Duarte Rato on Vamizi is our go to guy and he always provides. Not only good reports, but he takes some of the best shots you have ever seen. Those who follow us on Facebook (Marlin Billfish or Bill Fish) will no doubt remember some of the shots he has taken. From Capt. Duarte Rato - Last week saw a few more boats than usual for the Bazaruto Archipelago waters for Marlin, mainly due to a small competition put together by the Zimbabwe deep sea fishing association (CADSAS). Most of the participating boats were privately owned and the guys had very rough weather for the first two days, then a good bite going for the two last days. Overall the small 12 boat fleet averaged 1.4 releases per day with an average fish around the 4-500 pounds, but a couple of bigger fish were released Dream Catcher … [Read more...]

Ascension season kicks off!

Ascension Island - Seems hard to believe that they're back to fishing in Ascension, but the season has kicked off - and with some large hungry ones around for sure.  Today we received a report from Captain Matthias Henningsen on the Harmattan: in three days of fishing to start the season, they saw five blue marlin, average size 500-600 pounds.  Largest fish was apparently well over 800 but after chasing the fish for over a mile (and 16 minutes) pulled the hook. More reports to come...but in the meantime we're watching what seems like a fast start to the season! … [Read more...]

Nine Minutes Too Late

Cabo San Lucas - Nine minutes may have cost Great Escape a win at the 2010 Bisbees. The fish was hooked before lines-out, but the team did not make it back in time for the 9:00 PM weigh-in, arriving just 9 minutes too late. The Daily Pot alone was $430,000, not to mention the potential for Tournament Win. Impressive fish either way, but that had to have hurt.(Thanks to Tracy Ehrenberg of the Pisces Fleet www.piscessportfishing.com for bringing us the story and the picture) … [Read more...]

Bisbee’s Black and Blue – Day 1

Overall a slightly subpar day on the water for the boats participating in the world's richest billfish tournament - the $1.9 million Black and Blue.  103 boats were out today, with 36 billfish caught - broken down as follows: 13 blues, nine blacks, 13 striped marlin, and a lone Pacific sail.  Looks like eight of the 36 were weighed - meaning the fish weren't numerous but were fairly large.  Largest was a 599-pound black caught on the Reelaxe - fight time FIVE HOURS. More information to come as we get it, hopefully including some pictures. … [Read more...]

Lizard Island tournament – Day 4 results

Fishing slowed down a bit on Day 3, with the 20 boats releasing eight black marlin.  All fish were caught on Ribbon Reef #10. Highlights include two fish each on the Top Shot and the Reelistic.  Largest fish of the day was the Top Shot's 700-pounder. For more details go to www.lizardislandgfc.asn.au. … [Read more...]