Aussie Black Marlin

Black Marlin Behind the Boat
Black Marlin Behind the Boat

Cairns, Australia – It is early in the season, but you are already seeing good size black marlin show up on the reef. Every year is different, but 2009 so far has thrown in an additional twist. The normal flood of smaller males in late August and September, never really appeared. Instead the big girls decided to show up to the party without dates.

The first week of October has shown what will hopefully prove to be a great season. While no fish have broken the  “Grander” mark, you should expect to see one any day.

Here are some highlights from the past week.

Kekoa – 700 – 800 – 800

Shaka – 650 – 950

Allure – 900

Cool Runnings – 750

Valhalla – 700

Looks like a good season to get out there and get them. Just make sure you let us know what you caught via Twitter (@Billfshreport)

Thanks VERY much to our friends at for always keeping us up to date during the season.

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