"Grand" Madeira

Grander Blue for Katherine B?
Grander Blue for Katherine B?

Madeira, Portugal – The summer time bite has gone, but what a great season it was for Madeira. There were at least 10 fish pushing GRANDER status caught by the boats this season. This is VERY much a no kill fishery and they take great pride in that. Make not doubt about it, when these guys call a fish over the mark, it is well over the mark. The fish picture above caught by famed Capt. Pete Bristow was called 950 lbs. Biggest 950 we have EVER seen.

The two main boats we follow are the Katherine B, Captained by Peter Bristow and Grander Captained by both Jonboy Kelmer and Tracy Epstein.

The fishing may have been as good as they have seen since the 1996 year, but given the economic times, it it tough to fully understand how great it could have been. By our count, Grander has no less than 20 fish over 500 lbs with at least two approaching Grander status. Katherine B, not wanting to be out done released at least 20 fish over the 700 lbs mark with about three fish of Grander status.

If you are looking to catch a Grander Blue Marlin in the Atlantic, there is no better place than Madeira.

Katherine “B” – www.fishmadeira.com – Photo courtesy of Peter Bristow

Grander – www.meltontackle.com/blog/

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