Brazil’s Big White Marlin

Vitoria, Brazil – It is not a surprise that large white marlin patrol the waters in Brazil.  If you know your IGFA records, you know that an amazing 12 of the Line Class Records, including the All Tackle Record (181 lbs) come from Brazil, with the majority of those coming out of Vitoria.

Big White Marlin about to be Released

Capt. Bruno Larica of Billfish Brazil ( patrols the same waters the white marlin do and has had great success on these beautiful fish. Thus far he has caught two fish over 130 including a 142 lbs fish that he weighed. In addition, he has a pending Women’s World Record (130 lbs test) that he caught this season.

Brazilian White Marlin on the move

While Capt. Bruno has many great days this season, the last few days have been on fire.

Day 1: 4 for 9 on white marlin

Day 2: 6 for 11 on white marlin, 1 for 1 on sailfish

Day 3: 15 for 21 on white marlin, 0 for 2 on sailfish

Day 4: (1/2 day): 3 for 8 on white marlin, 1 for 1 on sailfish

There were some big fish in the mix as well, with the average in the 90 lbs range. Now, that is some fine fishing.

We expect we will start getting  good number of blue marlin reports out of Capt. Bruno as well, so stay tuned. Of course if you want to catch your own large white marlin or big blue marlin, get in touch with Billfish Brazil (

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