Costa Rica Trip Report 2010

"Downtown" Flamingo, Costa Rica

Flamingo, Costa Rica – With all the great fishing destinations out there, I feel like Costa Rica has been forgotten sometimes. It is almost as if people have taken a “been there, done that” approach. Well, time to remember again.

If you like, Blue Marlin, Black Marlin, Striped Marlin and Sailfish (did I miss any?) why are you NOT fishing in Flamingo,Costa Rica? The species variety is second to none and Capt. Jason Coffrin on the Mr Trigger ( put us on ALL of them.

While we went down to specifically target Black marlin on pitch baits, sometimes you have to change plans when those pesky Blue Marlin show up. In this trip we raised three blue marlin to be exact, one of which would have made any destination proud (400+ lbs)

Black Marlin

We did get our shot at the man in the tux though. In fact, we got two shots when the double header “mafiaso” like hit men showed up like our teaser owed them money. When those blacks decide to eat something, they don’t let go and Capt. Coffrin has the war wounds to prove it. While trying to rip the teaser out of one of the mobster’s mouths, Capt. Jason felt the strength of the black marlin rip through his hand that left a mark.

Costa Rica Sailfish

We got our shots at Sailfish as well . Everyone just assumes you will catch one when in Central America. We tend to look down at our little buddy the sailfish, but she has feelings too, so we don’t want to upset her. Fact is, we loved every minute of our fights with the sails and quite frankly wish we saw more.

Capt. Jason Coffrin does not like to marlin fish, he is obsessed with it. Don’t tell him I told you this, but this guy will take you for free if you ask him nicely. Every fish was like it was his first and the excitement from the bridge was felt throughout the boat. This guy is a hunter and will not stop working his spots until the sun comes down.  He wants every fish and probably spends too much time thinking about the one that got away. That is marlin fishing Jason, you don’t get every single one.

In addition to Flamingo, Capt. Coffrin will be down in Carillo starting in the first part of 2011, where he will be targeting his “marlin buffet”. You can get in touch with Capt. Jason any number of ways. Visit his website at or reach out to him on Facebook @ (mrtrigger flamingocr).

A special thanks to our friends at Lehi Baits ( and Legend Lures ( We used our custom Billfish Report lure from Lehi on our right short and a Krakatoa from Legend as a teaser. Both lure and teaser raised fish and had great action for billfish.

Custom Lehi Baits Lure
Legend Lures


  • Jason Coffrin
    Posted July 18, 2010 8:23 pm 0Likes

    FOR FREE? hahahahahah Love the artical

    • alex
      Posted July 18, 2010 9:01 pm 0Likes

      there ya go!

  • Dan
    Posted July 19, 2010 5:28 pm 0Likes

    I fish CR every winter, I have not gone up to flamingo yet…I should try it next visit.

    • Jason Coffrin
      Posted July 19, 2010 6:29 pm 0Likes

      Dan what do you mean by winter? Winter here is different give me some dates and I can let you know where we are at and what you can look for in the fishing. My button is to the right on the front page of under flamingoCR that goes right to my site. Thank you for the comments and if you have any questions we will be happy to answer them.

  • britton
    Posted July 19, 2010 9:47 pm 0Likes

    Capt Jason is the man–one of the area’s finest!! Great article, too, by the way.

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