Galapagos Striped Marlin

Striped Marlin Boatside - Capt. Warren Seller Art Marina

Galapagos – There has been a great bite going on for some time off the Galapagos. The islands that everyone knows for eco-tourism also happen to produce some of the best striped marlin fishing around. While striped marlin are the main attraction, they see a good number of blues and even a black marlin from time to time. There are only a limited number of permits issued and there is no commercial fishing, so the pressure is very light. Even though marlin are pelagic fish, this helps tremendously on this fishery.

We follow two shops primarily in the Galapagos. Art Marina, which is Tim Choate’s operation ( and Peter Santini ( We have also started to get reports from a local named Franklin Vilema on the Samysol.

Here are some recent reports-

Captain Peter Santini went 9 on 21 bites and raised 35 including 2 blues.

Captain Franklin Zavala went 18-50 striped marlin on two days fishing on Samysol.

Captain Warren Sellers (Art Marina) went 14-43 on striped marlin on three days fishing.

If you are looking for incredible striped marlin fishing you can’t look past the Galapagos.

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