HIBT update – Day 2

Some continuing good fishing from the Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament Tuesday, with the fleet of 31 boats catching 12 more billfish.  The numbers included 10 Pacific blue marlin, one striped marlin, and one spearfish.

Notable catch of the day was aboard the Marlin Magic, captained by Jason Holtz, which boated a 531-pound blue and propelled Jason to second place in the captain standings.  Notably, Pacific Blue was hooked on a blue for five hours – but lost the fish at the close of the day.

Full standings as of close of day 2 as follows:


Place              Team                                                                                      Points

1                      Hilton Grand Vacations Fishing Club, Japan          10082

2                     Game Fishing Club of South Australia                         900
3                      Olympian Dream Fishing Club, Japan                         627


Place              Captain                      Boat                                                    Points
1                      Boyd DeCoito           Foxy Lady                                          1200
2                      Jason Holtz               Marlin Magic                                     1008
3                      Kevin Hibbard          JR’s Hooker                                       927
4                      Lance Gelman          Long Ranger                                       900

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