How many places can you catch a marlin a month?

Not many, for sure…only in some of the world class fisheries can you really hope to catch a marlin every month of the year – and even then, in some, it’ll require some luck.  Kona, Panama, Cabo are but several of just a few fisheries where this is possible.

But the Cayman Islands?  Guy Harvey chronicles his attempt to catch a blue every month of the year in his blog posts – some great information on the Caymans fishery, and that some fish of real size come across those waters, especially in these early spring months.

A May blue marlin in the Caymans...courtesy Guy Harvey

Though we haven’t had many reports this year out of the Caymans, this is a great read – and tells you a little about how some underpublicized fisheries like Grand Cayman can produce some really terrific fishing.

Check out the blog at the following link…

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