St Thomas Blue Moon

Red Hook Marina St Thomas

St Thomas, USVI – We need to send an apology to St Thomas. We suck! We have become so numb to some of the best blue marlin fishing in the world, a 4 fish blue marlin day doesn’t even make the headlines. Yes, we have reported it on our fishing report feed, and we did cover the Boy Scout, but the numbers these guys have been producing are excellent.

Here was the report from yesterday. These are all Blue Marlin.

Sharkys Revenge 3-5

Amirita 2-7

Click Through 2-2

Freedom 2-6

Black Pearl 2-4

Revenge 2-2

Southpaw 2-4

Any other port and we would be doing back-flips. We are going to apologize in advance to Australia when they catch 10 Granders(sorry mates!).

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