Summer Atlantic billfishing kicking into gear

Starting to see some action in places we expect, now that summer is upon us…some exciting times for blue marlin fishing for sure…

Madeira has seen its first large fish of the year – a 770-pound blue.  Expect to see more fish more often come June onward..

South Florida is seeing an usual number of blue marlin – several in the last couple of weeks, even when they’re not being targeted.  Highlight was a 500-pounder about a week ago.  And that’s not to say sails aren’t around either…

North Carolina is seeing its bite on blues and whites begin.  Just today the Hatteras Village tournament kicked off – 16 boats caught five marlin, four blues and a white.  Some ugly water off Hatteras lately..

The Canaries are seeing blues and occasional whites now – with just a handful of catches thus far in the season.

Cape Verde is really starting to pick up on its blue bite – where April was seeing about a fish a day, now they’re seeing 3-5 catches a day on blues, some of size.  Expect this season only to get better from here.

And Charleston is seeing the odd billfish too – check out this video on the Offshore Office from 5 days ago…

A lot of action to come in the Atlantic – but early season results looking promising!

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