THE Shot

St Thomas Shot #1

St Thomas, USVI – Billfish guys are constantly trying to get the best marlin shot possible. Usually though, that shot comes from above the surface, not below. No doubt you have seen some cool video of a blue marlin in the spread (look at our last post), but I doubt you have seen shots like these (unless you subscribe to Marlin).

St Thomas Shot #2

Marc Montocchio has spent his lifetime trying to capture THE Shot and he might have just done it here. Marc spent countless hours in St Thomas on the back of the Click Through waiting for a Blue Marlin to come into their spread. Using hookless teasers, the team would get the blues as close to the stern as possible, so that Marc could get THE shot of a blue striking a lure. But not just one shot, but rather a full sequence. How did he do? You Tell us!

St Thomas Shot #3

We would encourage you to go check out Marc’s other work at ( He has some other very impressive shots on his website. Best part is, they are for purchase.

St Thomas Shot #4

We wanted to THANK Marc for sending these shots over to us and allowing us to share them with our readers.

St Thomas Shot #5

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