What's going on in Cabo?

Cabo San Lucas is a world-renowned marlin fishery – and one of the few places on earth where one can catch a marlin every day of the year.  It’s perhaps the best place on earth to catch striped marlin – it’s right at a Pacific migratory route, and a number of stripeys just stay there year round – and blues can be found in numbers during some seasons.  Black marlin and sailfish also make appearances.

But lately the bite has been well below the norm.  Most captains attribute it to El Nino effects on water temperature – for example, temps in Cabo have been hugely variable compared to normal, which makes for very inconsistent looks at fish.  As such the bite has been very slow for all billfish.

Rare has been the day where you could see fish like this:

But one thing’s for sure…Cabo always comes back.  Pisces and Picante are two of our favorite fleets there, and if you’re in the Baja area would recommend stopping in to see what the bite’s like.

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