Bermuda on the Rise

Blue Marlin release in Bermuda

Bermuda – After a a very slow start to the season (and late) the boys in Bermuda are finally on the fish. We typically start to see signs of blue marlin activity in May, with some big fish usually starting the party. They are still waiting for the big girl to make her cameo, but the guys will take the action they are seeing right now. That is not to say the boys have not seen some 700+ fish, they have just not gotten them to the boat yet. Fish are in the 200 to 600 lbs range, with most being called 400+.

Paradise One and Mako have both released 500+ blues thus far. Seraphim had a good day on small fish, going 2-3 on Blue Marlin and Que Mas won the Release Cup with 2 Blue Marlin and 1 White Marlin.

Blue Marlin World Cup is coming up this weekend, so you knew the fish would have to show up as well.


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