Canary Islands Heating Up



Blue Marlin on the leader behind Grander

Canary Islands – We are getting consistent reports now out to the Canary Islands. Most recently, we got a report from Capt. Chris Sheeder on Grander. He went 2-2, releasing a 400 lbs fish and a 700 lbs fish. Here is the more detailed report from Capt. Chris.

Flying the Flags after a Good Day


We seem to be finding our groove. Yesterday, our peaceful mid-morning troll was interrupted by a big blue explosion on the left short teaser. The 400 pound blue inhaled a Merlin Beauty (Aloha Lure) and then teased in to the second wave for an awesome switch. Ricardo proceeded to fight and subdue the fish after a 10 minute battle. By the way, Ricardo says if he has to fight any more fish here, he’s coming back to Guatemala as the next Mike Tyson. We were eating lunch feeling pretty good about ourselves, when the day decided to get better. A 700 pound blue began cutting up our Polu Kai “Instigator” on the right long. Jeffrey pulled the lure and fish past the bait, but the marlin keep chasing the lure all the way to the boat’s exhaust pipe, where she finally grabbed it in mid-air as Jeffrey was trying to get it out of the water! So we were on again, this time it was Jeffrey’s turn, and after 30 mintues Ricardo took a couple wraps on the fish jerking on her to get a couple of jumps, because at this point we still don’t have a picture. The fish would just run off 20 or 30 yards yards before we tried again. Finally after the third time the fish just gave us back the lure and we said good bye with no fuss. Awesome day!!!…

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