“Circle Hook” Raises 80+ Sailfish in Guatemala

GuatemalaCapt. Eddie Bairez on the Circle Hook had three tremendous days on sailfish. In three days fishing, they released 66 Sailfish on 80+ Bites. This included some very good boat work by Capt. Eddie, when the crew managed to release 5 Sailfish at one time.

Billfish enthusiast will remember this boat as Captain Hook (43′ Willis) whose former skipper was sailfish expert Capt. Ron Hamlin.

Guatemalan Sail next to Circle Hook

Bryan O’Dell was fortunate to be aboard when the boys experienced this great bite. He tells us the bluewater was in very close to Puerto Quetzal and was full of life. They saw huge schools anchovies being pushed to the surface by schools of bonita and ultimately the sails. They raised one blue and saw a free jumping striped marlin, so the bait brought the predators for sure. They even managed to see a humpback whale.

Circle Hook releasing another Sailfish

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