Click Through Takes Big Game Classic

Bermuda РIt was a tight finish to the 11th Annual Bermuda Big Game Classic, but Click Through held on to a 1 Blue Marlin advantage.  Click Through finished with 1,900 points, releasing 3 Blue Marlin and 2 White Marlin. Uno Mas, Georgie Girl and Sea Toy all finished with 1,500 points, which is just one blue marlin short of a win with 2,000 points. That Blue Marlin did not show up at the end of the day however, and Click Through held on with just one blue marlin released on the last day.

1. Click Through – 3 Blue Marlin, 2 White Marlin

2. Uno Mas – 1 Blue Marlin, 5 White Marlin

3. Georgie Girl – 3 Blue Marlin

4. Sea Toy – 3 Blue Marlin


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