Photo Courtesy of Big Rock Tournament

Morehead City, NC – Day One proved to be the money making day, with both 1st and 2nd Place fish weighed. Fishing was generally slow for the 135 boat tournament, but three nice fish still made the tournament respectable. Capt. Kenny Sexton on the Double B put angler Travis Stephenson on the winning blue marlin, weighing in at  682 lbs. Blue Water took 2nd Place with a 580 lbs Blue Marlin and  Sushi took 3rd Place with a 467 lbs fish.

The release division was won by an impressive margin, with Release tallying 6 White Marlin and 1 Blue Marlin. 2nd and 3rd Place was tied with 2 White Marlin and 2 Blue Marlin for both Jesus Freak and Galot 3.

Here was the final standings and prize money courtesy of The Big Rock Tournament (

Blue Marlin Division

Boat Weight Captain Angler Prize Money
DOUBLE B 652.8 Kenny Sexton Travis Stephenson $524,375.00
BLUE WATER 580.6 Gray Hall Jeffrey Gregg $191,050.00
SUSHI 467.4 Tim Day Kevin Travis $126,700.00
Release Division
Boat Fish Total Points Prize Money
RELEASE 1 BM, 6 WM 1150 $56,944.00
JESUS FREAK 2 BM, 2 WM 1050 $34,166.40
GALOT 3 2 BM, 2 WM 1050 $22,777.60


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