Grander in the Bahamas!

One of the largest fish caught this year – the world’s sixth grander – caught in the Bahamas, in the 2011 Bahamas Billfish Classic.  Fish went 1,119 pounds, and broke the tournament record of 1,060 pounds, held since 1979, and was caught on the Double Dog, angler David Albury.

“When we saw the fish in the spread, we could not believe our eyes,” said Double Dog owner Don McKinney. “We scrambled to clear the light tackle and get the 80’s in position just in time for the giant blue to crash the port short.  After years of tournament fishing, we knew the fish was over 900 pounds but we never imagined it to be over 1,100 pounds.”

Congrats to the Double Dog!

Largest fish ever caught in the Bahamas - an 1,119 blue

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