Hot Keys Swording

The Captains with one of their Key's Swords

Duck Key, FL – If you follow us on regular basis via our Twitter Feed, you have seen some impressive swordfish numbers coming out of the Keys. We get great reports out of Islamorada on the BNM on a consistent basis and scattered reports from up and down the Florida Keys. One boat seems to have the hot hand right now however, on the newly and appropriately named Broadbill. Capt.Brandon Mullar and Capt. Josh Ardis (formerly named Nine Lives) have been backing up our claim of the Keys being one of the top place in the world for Swords.

Capt. Brandon and Capt. Josh had an unheard of 51 swords released in 18-Days fishing a few month back, but the boys are out trying to set some September records as well. They have gone 13-17 on Swords the last three days, including an amazing 7-7 day.

These guys continue to produce well above any average we have seen. Good fishing guys!

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