Lisa K Leads the Mid-Atlantic $500K – Day 2


Cape May, NJ – The earthquake that shook the entire eastern seaboard from North Carolina to Canada also shook the leaderboard on Day Two of the 2011 Mid-Atlantic $500,000.  With an improved weather forecast which included light winds and calm seas, 111 boats gave it a go and headed offshore today. The earthquake didn’t seem to bother the tournament’s targeted species though and the leaderboard changed as fast as a politician’s opinion.

In the white marlin category, Raymond Craig’s Amarula Sun weighed a 72-pounder to take the lead while Frank Holtham’s Inappropriate weighed twin 69-pounders and is tied for second place.

Steven Scioscia’s Tail Spin with Captain Dennis Glynn at the helm took the lead in the blue marlin division after weighing a 565-pounder. Damien Romeo’s Hubris is in second place with a 498-pounder and Dan Burt’s Pumpin Hard 66 is right behind in third place with his 494-pounder.

Nick and Trish Rodriguez’s Par Five lead the tuna category with a 71-pound yellowfin followed in second place by Tom Jarvis’ Dumb and Dumber with a 63-pounder. Third place in the category currently belongs to Jim Foulke’s Trust Me Too with a yellowfin of 58 pounds.

Art Boykin’s Lucky Duck II weighed a 38-pound dolphin today to take the lead in the category while Dave Migliore’s Blackbeard’s Revenge now leads the wahoo category with a 50-pounder.

Some of the boats with significant billfish releases on Day Two include Dave Anderson’s Krazy Salts with five white marlin released and Charlie Duerr’s Sea Hag, Martin Judge’s Judge and Ted Wills’ Pipe Dream with four white marlin released. Boats with three white marlin releases include Andy Polash’s Island Girl; Bill Zimmerman’s Billfisher; Don Pyle’s Moore Bill and Jr. Davis’ Wave Paver. Dave Bassinder’s Tiki Bar released a blue marlin and four white marlin and Bob Bocchino’s Mehl Ticket released two white marlin and a blue marlin. Also, Bill Frame’s champagne released a blue marlin.

Please note the Mid-Atlantic $500,000 is a private event and not open to the general public. Tournament credentials are required for access to any tournament activities and facilities.

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