May Swords

Nice Swordfish for BNM out of Islamorada, FL


Mother Ocean –  May has not been a good month if you are a swordfish, but for the anglers and crews it has been a solid month. Not just a solid month for one spot though, it seems like they are popping up in a quite a few locations. We have received reports in more unusual places like Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Mexico, South Africa and Kona.

The fisheries that seem to be the most consistent still remain South Florida and Northern New Zealand. It seems we get almost a daily report on sword landings out of South Florida and when in season, New Zealand seems to produce the largest fish.

Out of Islamorada, FL it seems like the BNM can catch a swordfish at will and while not all are beasts, they get a good number of 200 lbs fish.

Down in the Southern Pacific, Prime Time seems to score the biggest numbers. The most recent report was 17 Swords released in 19 days fishing, including one the skipper called close to the mark! You don’t hear that much anymore on swords. Good to know a few dinosaurs still roam the ocean.

* Featured Image from Capt. Danny Scotti on Gina Lisa

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