Nine Lives has Epic Week on Swords

Daytime Sword off Duck Key for Nine Lives


Duck Key, FL – Those who follow us, know that we call South Florida and the Florida Keys the best place in the world to catch a sword. Seems like almost every day a sword is captured either on a daytime or a night bite. We have seen 3 & 4 Swordfish days plenty of time, but the reports we have been getting from Capt. Brandon Mullar on Nine Lives are truly incredible.

Over the last week Capt. Brandon caught 20 Swordfish, getting the hooks in 25 fish. That is almost a 3-Fish a Day Average,all on daytime swords. His best day he released 5 Swords and these are not pumpkins. The fish are averaging between 100 and 300 lbs.

This may not be the best swordfishing ever, but we want to hear about a better 7-Day stretch.


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