91 Sailfish for Decisive!

Guatemala – The bite has turned on in Guatemala with a number of boats getting 40+ Shots at Sailfish a day. The water is teaming with bait, which of course means Sailfish. Capt. Brad Philipps on the Decisive has been in a very good zone lately, but nothing like his recent outing. He and his team managed to released 91 Sailfish on 114 Bites, which is one of he best days we have EVER heard of.

Another impressive accomplishment was by Angler Dave Workman who was personally responsible for 76 of the 91 Sailfish. We believe this to be the most Sailfish released in a day by a single angler in the World. Congratulations to Mr. Workman on this record! Also, very impressive was 4 year old Darren Philipps who released 8 Sailfish as well.

C0ngratulations to Team Decisive on this amazing day!

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