Azores Amaze!

Beautiful Blue Marlin released on Brasilia

Azores – If you follow us on a day to day basis, you may be getting numb by all the incredible reports we have been getting out of the Azores. Most boats continue to get 3-4 shots on average (and we do mean average) a day on 500+ Blue Marlin, with most boats catching 2 over 500 lbs a day. In any other fishery, some of these reports would be the best of the season, yet in the Azores we are getting them on a daily basis. We just cant emphasize on a historical basis how “special” this year is.  Yes, 2011 was indeed special, but I think we all remember the slower years on Blue Marlin in the Eastern Atlantic. You just can’t take this spectacular fishing for granted as we are not sure how sustainable this is! We of course hope that is remains until eternity, but the Blue Marlin has a way of always changing it up. If you have not been to the Azores, you need to get it on your list!

Here are some of the reports we have received over the last few days. There have been twenty-three  (23) 500+ Blue Marlin reported to us,  JUST in September thus far (500+ Club). Remembering there are only 4-5 Boats fishing there a day.

  • Azores – Nola went an impressive 5-8 on Blue Marlin.
  • Azores – Xacara had a tremendous day, releasing 4 Blue Marlin (850, 750, 350 & 300).
  • Azores – Xacara went 4-5 on Blue Marlin, largest around 700 lbs.
  • Azores – Brasilia released 4 Blue Marlin.
  • Azores – Habitat went 3-7 on Blue Marlin (850, 750, 200)
  • Azores – Habitat went 6-7 on Blue Marlin ( 750, 600, 400, 300, 300 and 250lbs)

These beautiful shots are brought to us by Brasilia Azores.  


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