Fa La Me wins the BBC!

Team Fa La Me

Bahamas – After a four year absence from the Bahamas Billfish Championship, Frank Rodriguez returned to the competition this April with a new Viking 70 and a reenergized determination to win the title. And team Fa-La-Me wasted no time racking up 1,800 points at the Guana Cay Championship and narrowly missed finishing the BBC’s season opener in 3rd Place. Barry Weshnak’s Miss Annie captured third place based on time because Miss Annie was the first to achieve 1,800 points.

At the Harbour Island Championship, Rodriguez’s team again finished the tournament with 1,800 points aided by 700 ‘Grand Slam Bonus’ points. The Grand Slam came on day one of the BBC’s second leg when Fa-La-Me caught and released a blue marlin, a white marlin and a sailfish. Despite being plagued by a weather system that eventually became Tropical Storm Beryl, team Fa-La-Me managed to win the Harbour Island Championship and took over 1st Place in the overall standings for BBC 2012. Meanwhile, Weshnak’s Miss Annie again finished in 3rd Place and trailed Fa-La-Me by only 300 points in the overall standings.

The BBC returned to Abaco in June for the Marsh Harbour Championship and, again, release time became a factor in determining the Second and Third Place positions. Krazy Salt’s won the third leg of the BBC with 2,700 points; however, a BBC newcomer, team Island Time, released three blue marlin to edge out Fa-La-Me on time for 2nd Place. The 3rd Place finish did increase Fa-La-Me’s overall score to 6,700 points.

At the final leg of the 2012 BBC series, the Treasure Cay Championship, release time became a factor once again. The tournament was won by Cowpoke with 2,400 points and Give It Away finishing in 2nd Place with 1,800 points. Both Fa-La-Me and Susan McCart’s Absolut Joy finished the tournament with 1,400 points. This time, Fa-La-Me was the first to achieve the 1,400 points to secure 3rd Place at Treasure Cay.

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