New Zealand Comes Alive!

550 lbs. Blue Marlin for Game Keeper

New Zealand – We were getting a few reports here and there from our Kiwi friends on an odd striped marlin or a blue marlin, until today. We started the day with an email of a 1,030 lbs. Black Marlin (which may have got our juices flowing), which turned about to be a Blue Marlin, but in the end, who really cares. We just love Granders period!

James Scott made it his mission to remind us how good the fishing can be and it seems Waihua Bay is the spot at the moment. Not only did we add the Grander Blue, but our February 500+ Club added 8 more Billfish. The best part about it was New Zealand added a Blue, Black and Sword. We haven’t had a 500+ Swordfish in months!

Turns out the 539 lbs. Swordfish was courtesy of a very well known Capt. John Gregory on the Primetime. It appears Capt. John likes to fish so much, he had a go at a solo day of Swordfishing. He may want to fish more days by himself as he released 3 Swordfish, including the 539 lbs. fish.

We would like to remind all of our readers, we absolutely wants your reports. If you had a good day fishing, please send us your reports either through Facebook or to and We are even known to respond to our Twitter Feeds (Billfish Report, Marlin Report, Sailfish Report, Swordfish Report).

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