Swords in Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta, MX – There was a time when Mazatlan (just up the coast) was well known for its Swordfishery. In fact, Cabo San Lucas had a good number of surface dwellers as well. Like a lot of fisheries, it seemed as if the commercial boats overfished theses areas and once again, depleted a healthy stock for reliable sportfishing.

We are not saying these fisheries are back yet, but we do seem to get more and more reports of random encounters with these goliaths. Most recently, we got these pictures from Capt. Josh Temple on Maximo on a very impressive 400+ Swordfish. As Capt. Josh tells it, they were drifting in 100′ for tuna, when this sword hit. Everyone on the boat was shocked when after a 4-Hour fight, they were greeted by this fish.

Josh says he he has logged thousands of hours of night fishing for them in and around Puerto Vallarta, but this is only the second one he has encountered. Not a dependable fishery at all given all his time he has put in, but he says he continues to hear from other boats more swordfish are being caught. Time will tell, but we sure hope this is a sign of good things to come.


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