Virginia’s Billfish Run

Double Grand Slam for Backlash

Virginia Beach, VA – You hear a lot about Maryland and North Carolina’s great billfisheries, but for some reason you just don’t hear as much about Virginia. It makes complete sense that Virginia can boast one of the great East Coast fisheries given its location. In fact, many boats from Virginia are fishing the exact same waters as their friends to the North and the South. We get a lot of great reports during the summer months, but over the last few weeks, we have been getting some exceptional reports. White Marlin, Blue Marlin, Sailfish, Swordfish and even Spearfish all call these waters home in the warmer months and in the Fall, Virginia sees some epic White Marlin numbers. The variety has made this fishery stand out lately though, with almost daily Billfish Grand Slam reports.

Here are just a few of the reports we have received recently.

Virginia Beach, VA – Backlash released a Billfish Grand Slam. This was the 5th of the Year for Capt. Steve Richardson

Virginia Beach, VA – Capt. Justin Wilson on Just Right caught a pending State Record Swordfish of 446 lbs

Virginia Beach, VA – Capt. Jake Hiles on Matador released a Billfish Super Slam (3 Blue Marlin, 7 White Marlin, 1 Sailfish & 1 Swordfish)

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