500 lbs. Blue on Spinning

Exmouth, Australia – These beautiful shots were worth posting just by themselves, but when we heard the whole story, we had to share it. On Strike was out fishing for their typical juvenile Black Marlin, when this 500 lbs. Blue Marlin showed up to the dance. The boys were definitely out muscled given they were using 30 lbs. Spinning Tackle, but they still managed to get the release. The Angler was Matt Wilson and the Photographer was Roger Toma.

At 4.45pm yesterday while fishing for juvenile black marlin we had a large fish up on the long rigger. The skipping gar was tracked for more than 30 seconds before the big fish lunged. This blue marlin is estimated to be around the 500lb mark, it took an hour on 15kg (30lb) tackle for us to get to the leader before we released her. We never had more than 100 metres of line out and was subdued on a spin reel, with a 130lb leader. We believe she was still actively feeding on other prey while we were fighting her! She was hooked in 48 metres of water with the water temp at 25.8c.

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