Bermuda on the Rise

500+ Blue Marlin on the Fa La Me

Bermuda – One of the world’s great big fisheries has come alive of late. While Bermuda has always been a great place to catch a big Blue Marlin, 2013 has proven to get this fishery back on track. No Granders have been weighed yet, but they have been seen and it is only a matter of time before one is weighed. We are still very early in July, yet we have already seen ten (10) Blue Marlin over 500 lbs. Be careful when this fishery gets rolling during tournament season as they tend to produce some very envious numbers. They have just started the Big Game Classic, which is the 2nd Leg of the Triple Crown, with the Sea Horse still left to fish. We expect BIG things out of Bermuda in July, which usually means a Grander or two.

Here are the Blue Marlin caught in July that are over 500 lbs:

Bermuda – Fa La Me – 600 lbs.

Bermuda – Waste Knot – 750 lbs.

Bermuda – Sea Toy – 547 lbs.

Bermuda – Blank Check – 668 lbs.

Bermuda – Overproof – 641 lb.

Bermuda – Reel Hot – 700 lbs.

Bermuda – Runabout – 650 lbs.

Bermuda – Reel Hot – 600 lbs.

Bermuda – Sea Toy – 500 lbs.

Bermuda – Triple Play – 856 lbs.

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