March Moon in Kona


Pending Women’s World Record Blue Marlin

Kona, HI – Don’t tell us the moon does not matter! Well, at least in Kona for the big girls. The week leading up to the full moon saw 8 Blue Marlin over 500 lbs caught. This included both a Grander Blue Marlin for Fire Hatt as well  as a pending women’s World Record for Capt. Chip Van Mols and angler Alex Nuttal for their 958 lbs. Blue Marlin on 130 lbs. Here are all of the fish over 500 lbs this past week.


Kona, HI – Monkey Biz II – 958 lbs.
Kona, HI – Sea Baby III – 798 lbs.
Kona, HI – Fire Hatt – 1,058 lbs.
 Kona, HI – JR’s Hooker – 550 lbs.
Kona, HI – Integrity – 650 lbs.
Kona, HI – Blue Hawaii – 500 lbs.
Kona, HI – No Mercy – 500 lbs.
Kona, HI – Northern Lights – 675 lbs.


  • Jim Rizzuto
    Posted April 1, 2013 8:02 pm 0Likes

    The story of the recent Kona big-fish run is a bit wider than just the week leading up to the full moon. The moon was full on March 26, so the seven-day period including that day was the 20th through the 26th. Here are the recent catches. Note that they begin before the 20th, die in the middle of the week (23 and 24), go back up and then continue on after the full moon. (T), of course, means tag. So, actually, if you combine the days before and the days after that week, you get a seven-day period with just as many big fish caught as during the week leading up to the full moon.

    March 17: Blue marlin (675) Tobi Fisher, Capt. Kevin Nakamaru, Northern Lights
    March 18: Blue marlin (500T) Linda Lanterman, Capt. Doug Lanterman, No Mercy
    March 19: Blue marlin (500T) Mike Jacobsen, Capt. James Dean, Blue Hawaii
    March 20: Blue marlin (958) Alex Nuttall, Capt. Chip Van Mols, Monkey Biz II
    March 20: Blue marlin (650T) Donna Newlin, Capt. Rob McGuckin, Integrity
    March 21: Blue marlin (550T) Unknown, Capt. Kevin Hibbard, Jr’s Hooker
    March 22: Blue marlin (798) Warren Thompson, Capt. Doug Pattengill, Sea Baby III
    March 25: Blue marlin (751) DanCsizmadia/John Park, Capt. Steve Tarbill, Kona Concept
    March 25: Blue marlin (1058) Salil Kharat, Capt. Chuck Wilson, Fire Hatt
    March 28: Blue marlin (500T) Cam Bolter, Capt. Randy Llanes, Sundowner
    March 29: Blue marlin (734) Indar Bhan, Capt. Chris Kam, Illusions
    March 29: Blue marlin (524.5) Ken Dulin, Capt. Neal Isaacs, Anxious

  • Hook
    Posted April 1, 2013 8:54 pm 0Likes

    Thanks for the additional info Jim! You would certainly know what is going on in Kona.

    • Jim Rizzuto
      Posted April 3, 2013 12:16 am 0Likes

      We definitely do not know all of what is going on because many fish go unreported. For example, the list above does not include a big marlin released on March 23 by the boat Raven. How big? You can see for yourself by going to to watch the fight. And we are seven days past the new moon and still getting big fish reports. Fire Hatt just weighed a 625 seven days after. So it is wise not to get too loony about the Kona moon. The only guarantee: If you don’t go, you can’t catch.

      • Jim Rizzuto
        Posted April 8, 2013 8:59 am 0Likes

        And the “March Moon” run keeps going on well past the full moon.

        April 2: Blue marlin (613) Wilbur Nikkel/John Reinsma, Capt Chuck Wilson, Fire Hatt
        April 3: Blue marlin (500 T) Barry Wilson, Capt.Steve Tarbill, Kona Concept
        April 4: Blue marlin (559) Bully Ulu, Capt. Auntie Ulu, Oh Right
        April 4: Blue marlin (876) Dave Thamos, Capt. David Unger, Nasty Habit
        April 6: Blue marlin (646) Mitch Zaborowski, Capt. Kevin Nakamaru, Northern Lights
        April 6: Blue marlin (600T) Chad Perman, Capt. Mark Schubert, Miss Mojo

        This is important to know because if you are waiting around for the “right moon,” you might miss some really good fishing.

        • Jim Rizzuto
          Posted April 15, 2013 2:54 pm 0Likes

          Just to finish up the lunar cycle that started with the first report on March 17.

          April 8: Blue marlin (921.5) Dan Gage, Capt. Kevin Nakamaru, Northern Lights
          April 12: Blue marlin (600 T) David Wensel, Capt. Neal Isaacs, Anxious
          April 12: Blue marlin (497 – just missed) Kai Hiraoka, Kahana Cazimero, Kamalani
          April 13: Blue marlin (850T) Ralph Ianuzzi, Capt. Kevin Nakamaru, Northern Lights
          April 13: Blue marlin (550T) Brian Lindon, Capt. Jason Holtz, Marlin Magic

          During this period, we also received almost daily reports of big fish hooked and lost. Here’s a youtube link to a no-bill blue marlin released on the 14th that would likely top the 500-pound mark.

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