Texas Swords Dialed In on the Booby Trap

30 Swordfish Flags Flying on Booby Trap

Freeport, TX – Team Booby Trap are just back from their 3 1/2 Day adventure and they certainly found the Swordfish. They went an incredible 30-38 on Swordfish, releasing 26 in Total. On their best day, they caught 14 Swordfish. These were not pups either, with twenty (20) of these Broadbills over 200 lbs. and 4-5 of them over 300 lbs! We are not sure what is more impressive, the fact that they caught 30 Swordfish or the fact that they had 30 Swordfish Flags.

It is summer in Texas, so expect to get more reports out of these guys. They have this Swordfishing thing down to a science!

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