Bermuda Flips the Switch


Bermuda – And just like that, Bermuda fired up. No warning, no build up, no nothing. It is almost like they flip a switch on the Challenger Bank, that welcomes all large Blue Marlin to come and feast on straight swimming yellowfin tuna (almost unfair really). The East Coast boats start crossing, the local boats stop meat fishing and all of a sudden 500+ Blue Marlin show up in droves. Seven (7) Blue Marlin  over 500 lbs. to be more precise, have been reported to us over the last 2-Days and we know many are not even reporting as is customary over there. Although these Blue Marlin are caught in Bermudian waters, they are really quite patriotic big buggers as they pay their respects to the American boats fishing on July 4th (American Independence Day) during the World Cup. Sorry Kona, looks like you may have your hands full…..again.

Bermuda – Never Enough – 600 lbs.
Bermuda – Mako – 600 lbs.
Bermuda – Challenger – 500 lbs.
Bermuda – Wound Up – 700 lbs.
Bermuda – Angry Scott – 800 lbs.
Bermuda – Boomer – 800 lbs.
Bermuda – Angry Scott – 800 lbs

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