Blue Marlin Lunch


Morehead City, NC РThere is absolutely nothing finer than catching a Blue Marlin, but being in awe of nature is right up there. Recently Will Kornegay and friends chartered the Sea Hag with Capt. Gray Hall and mate Jimmy Russell for some offshore fishing, which luckily turned into Blue Marlin fishing (our favorite). The boys hooked into a nice 300 lbs. Blue Marlin who was putting on a typical acrobatic show. After a nice 30-Minute battle, they had her on the leader, only to notice a very large shadow below the Blue Marlin. From that point, all hell broke loose as the Blue Marlin tried to escape an estimated 500 lbs. Mako Shark who wanted a Blue Marlin lunch. The Mako made quick work of its tail, immobilizing the Blue Marlin thus ending his escape. The Blue Marlin was still attached to the leader however and as the guys tried to leader up the fish for a second time, the Mako came back for his prize.

The Mako did not immediately eat the Blue Marlin. It made a number of passes around the fish and even around the boat. In fact, the Mako came so close to the boat, the boys got an excellent shot of what is clearly a fresh bite mark from presumably another Mako shark. They guys did not see another Mako around, but this could have very well been from two shark battling for this Blue Marlin. We can debate this all we want, but there is no debate about the spectacle capture by Will. What a great display of nature and we thank Will for letting us share this with our readers.


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