Cape Verdes Rolling


Cape Verde Islands РWe just finished up what was one of the finest months on large Blue Marlin this fishery has seen, with fifty-two (52) over 500 lbs. reported to us. This fishery has always been about numbers, with a few nice ones mixed in, which makes it a special place to fish. However, we are now seeing multiple large fish days that would make the Azores proud, AND double digit hook-ups too.

Big Oh has been leading the pack over the last week. They had two “special” days going 9-11 on Blue Marlin one day (raised 14) and then of those extremely rare days, where they released 10 Blue Marlin on 14 bites, two of which were over 500 lbs. (500 & 600). Those of the kind of numbers people should retire off of.

Big Oh is not out there alone however, with many of the other boats boasting vey good numbers and size. Capt. Marty Bates on Onda Emma released three (3) fish over 500 lbs., largest which was an 800 over a two day span. Happy Hooker I had a 5 Blue Marlin day, including one they called over 800 lbs. Capt. Marin Das on Cal Rei also turned in a 5 fish day, with their largest over 750 lbs. Capt. Olaf Grimkowski fishing the Andromeda turned in a 6-15 day on Blue Marlin, releasing one over 500 lbs.

The numbers is what made the Cape Verdes famous, but if they keep catching this many large fish, there is going to be some “fishery envy”.

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