Is Madeira Back?


Madeira – After a few down seasons, it appears that Madeira may be on the rise again. Most boats are getting at least a shot a day, with other coming across two or threes big girls. There have been at least two Blue Marlin released over 800 lbs. with Capt. Frothy DeSilva on Pesca Grossa with a solid 800 (pictured above) and Tightline releasing an 850. Margarita has been very active, with their best day releasing a 750 & 550. We don’t want to get too excited, but we all know what this fishery is capable of and we are just starting the season. We can only hope that reports of large Blue Marlin keep pouring in. For those fishing the Blue Marlin World Cup on July 4th, you may want to take notice.

Many thanks to Capt. Oliver King, the Blue Marlin Ambassador of Madeira for keeping us informed.

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