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Port Aransas, Texas – Seems like a fish story for sure, except the proof is in the pictures. What we gather from a link we received from a site called 2CoolFishing was that angler Chris Kelley was surf fishing for redfish, when this Swordfish grabbed his redfish. He obviously landed the fish and this is not photoshopped. Per the report, the fish weighed in just under 200 lbs.

We have seen Swordfish in shallow water before and in both Biscayne Bay in Florida and in the Bahamas on a Flat, so this is not completely unique, however we have never heard one off the Texas Coast. Swordfish are typically found in very deep water, many times 1,000 feet or more. In Texas, that can mean a 80+ mile journey to get to those depths, where in South Florida and the Bahamas that depth of water is much closer to shore.

Since we originally posted this, we received another report of  a Swordfish caught from the beach in Northern South Africa a few years back. While an extremely rare catch, it is clearly not without precedent.

If we get more information on the Texas caught Swordfish in the Surf, we will be sure to pass it on.

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  • John DiFiore
    Posted August 8, 2014 10:34 am 0Likes

    I call bull. There’s no way he could possibly land a sword of 200 lb on red fish gear. I’m a surf fisherman and know the kind of gear you need to land a cow striped bass of 50+ lbs. There’s no deep enough water anywhere even close to there…meaning the fish had to be sick and disoriented. I say he was red fishing and saw a photo opportunity.

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