Two Granders on Day 2 – Lizard Island Classic


Cooktown, Australia – It may not be the biggest money tournament on the planet, but it has the biggest fish and it is not even close. The Lizard Island Black Marlin Classic, which is being held out of Cooktown due to typhoon damage on Lizard Island, produced two Grander Black Marlin in a day and it is like just another day at work. We are currently filling out our application.

Capt. Daniel McCarthy on Moana III and Capt. Brad Craft on Castille III both released Black Marlin over 1,000 lbs on Day 2 of the Tournament and while they did not go unnoticed, in this Tournament it is almost expected. Any other fishery and it would make headlines. Which quite frankly, just reminds us how incredible this fishery is, but we often take it for granted.

It was not all Granders on Day 2 though, there were a few small fish released too. Again, all in one day we saw Little Audrey with a 950, Top Shot a 750, Athaldo a 900 and Kekoa also with a 900 lbs. Black Marlin. In almost any other fishery, this one day would have been a good season.

Keep up the great fishing boys, because we love to hear about them!

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