Blues Invade the Gold Coast

Blue Marlin released on Ocean Instinct


Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia – After a short pause from a great Black Marlin bite, the boats off the Gold Coast are experiencing some tremendous fishing on Blue Marlin out wide. It has been common over the last week to have 4-5 Blue Marlin bites in a day, with the Top Day coming off the Thunderbird going an impressive 8-9.

Capt. Ross McCubbin on Lucky Strike has been all over the Blue Marlin, with twenty-one (21) bites over 3-Days. Most fish are in the 200-400 lbs. range, but Glanville Heydenrych on Ocean Instinct fought an 800+ Blue Marlin right to the boat, ending his day at 3-8 on Blue Marlin. Gods Hands also released a nice fish that measured close to 500 lbs, going 3-5 on their day.

With as many Blue Marlin bites as some boats are getting, don’t be surprised when someone turns in a double digit day. At this point thought, we can only hope this great bite continues.



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