Hawaii is Grander Country

1,400 lbs. Blue Marlin on Marlin Magic

Hawaii, USA – It has been an average year for Grander Marlin in 2015. While the first few months of the year are not traditionally “Grander Months” we typically see a few more fisheries make a showing. It is not unusual to see Grander marlin from the Cape Verdes, Ivory Coast or Ascension Island by the end of May. In the Aloha State however, May has consistently been a good Grander Month with now fourteen (14) weighed.

Hawaii has long been Grander Country with at least one hundred forty (140) Grander Blue Marlin weighed in these waters, with the three most recently all coming in 2015. Ihu Nui started the year with a 1,058 lbs Blue Marlin, four months later we saw another 1,058 lbs. Blue Marlin on Jun Ken Po and then just a day later a 1,226 lbs. Blue Marlin on Luna.

Since 1977 there has been a Grander Blue Marlin caught every year in Hawaiian waters, with the exception of 2004. Hawaii has also produced the largest Marlin of any kind ever caught on rod and reel, Coreene C’s 1,805 lbs. behemoth. There have been two (2) other Blue Marlin caught here over  1,600 lbs. as well as three (3) over 1,400 lbs. Hawaii has in fact accounted for the five (5) largest Blue Marlin ever caught in any ocean in the history of Sportfishing (1805, 1,650, 1,649, 1,477, 1,450).

Hawaii is indeed Grander Country and 2015 is proving to build on that reputation.


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  • Benjamin Lazar
    Posted May 28, 2015 1:25 pm 0Likes

    Would really like to see more ganders boat side, pre release versus them hanging. These are breeder fish and needed to keep marlin stocks strong. By publishing photos of these dead fish, I wonder if it promotes more people to kick these beautiful creatures versus getting pictures and releasing them. Personally, could never bring myself to kill one but to each their own.

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