Passing a 1,000!

Team Big Oh After Passing 1,000

There is absolutely no doubt that Billfishing takes quite a lot of dedication and patience. For traveling boats add on incredible preparation and yes even financial resources. Now, take that same dedication, preparation and patience and do it 1,000 times. That is exactly what Capt. Ronnie Fields and Gray Ingram did, when the pair (along with excellent crews) surpassed 1,000 Blue Marlin caught on the Big Oh. As angler, Gray passed the 1,000 Blue Marlin milestone, while Capt. Ronnie racked up 1,455 Blue Marlin over 8-Years as captain of the boat.

The pair along with some outstanding crews travelled and fished the U.S., St Thomas, USVI, Venezuela, Dominican Republic and the Cape Verde Islands. The majority of their fish were caught in the Cape Verdes, with their best day on numbers going 17-25 on Blue Marlin. They spent over 350 Days in total fishing, which gives them an incredible three (3) Blue Marlin average per day!

Gray gives a lot of the credit to Capt. Ronnie saying that his attention to detail helps to set him apart. He also credits Capt. Ronnie’s ability to read the water, bait and structure and of course “he has a great deal of patience”.

From all of those days fishing it is difficult to pick out one day that stands out. Most may say seventeen (17) Blue Marlin in a day or their 1,254 lbs. behemoth, but Gray picked another day. In June of 2014  he fished with his son Rodney Ingram and grandson Bo Ingram. The trio released two triples (Blue Marlin) together, for a total of thirteen (13) for the day. Gray commented, “three generations releasing triples together, it still blows my mind”. 

When asked about what it takes to reach the goal of a 1,000 Blue Marlin, Gray responded:

I’ve been lucky enough to have a great captain and throughout the years, have always had great mates that fish for the love of the sport. We set our goals and standards high, work hard daily, and let nothing, no matter the distance, stand in our way. Keeping my team motivated is a priority of mine. As I always say, fish every day like it’s a tournament. Give it your all and you’ll never be disappointed, and we do!

We are aware of other anglers who have passed a 1,000 Billfish, but Gray is the only Angler we are aware of to catch 1,000 Blue Marlin, especially one a single boat. Lots of great records in our sport, but this is certainly one to admired and applauded.


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