Reef Erupts

Black Marlin on Viking II

Great Barrier Reef, Australia – After a unseasonably slow October for Black Marlin, November has absolutely erupted! There were certainly some fish being caught, but over the last week we have seen at least thirty-eight (38) Black Marlin caught over 500 lbs, with at least ten (10) Granders. We usually don’t like to see a whole season condensed into a week, but what a week.

A few trips stood out this past week. Capt. Billy Billson on Viking II released nine (9) Black Marlin, from which two (2) were over 1,000 lbs, a 950, two (two) over 900 lbs and another over 750 lbs. In any other fishery and that is a season of large fish. Amokura was on the big girls as well releasing four (4) over 900 lbs, including two (2) they called over 1,000 lbs.

It was a week for the “Tims” with Capt. Tim Dean on Calypso and Capt. Tim Richardson on Tradition both releasing two (2) Grander Black Marlin. Zulu had great action with releasing ten (10) Black Marlin, largest at 800 lbs. Black Label released 10 Black Marlin, largest they released was 950 lbs.

Other boats turning in exceptional days of fishing was OnSite releasing 5 in a day, largest at 900 lbs and Iona II who went 4-7 on Black Marlin.

Seems like November is going to be the month this year and we are lucky we still have three weeks left. Congratulations to all on the great fishing and we can only imagine what is to come.


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