Steady Bite in the Bahamas



Bahamas – We never really know how to size up the Bahamas. Plenty of boats fishing there and plenty of marlin caught, but it is tough sometimes to locate the bite. A lot of that has to do with less than steady reporting, but it also has to do with most boats working their way through various islands. I don’t think we would ever call the Bahamas slow, but the last few years have not been off the charts good. The Bahamas was once a real destination, but it seems like more boats are using it as a gateway to the Caribbean. Well, you may want to put the Bahamas back on your list of destinations and maybe even stay a while.

There has been a really solid Blue Marlin bite going on for over a month and nobody is really talking about. While most fish are in the 200-300 lbs range, there were three Blue Marlin caught over 500 lbs. Blue Heaven released a 600+, Ma Sheila weighed a 682 and Great Escape released an 800. Best day we heard on Blue Marlin was on the Ruthie going 4-5 off San Salvador. Dakeri scored a a five (5) marlin day releasing 2 Blue Marlin and 3 White Marlin off Cat Island. Speaking of White Marlin,  Never Enough released four (4) White Marlin in Abaco and was the best day we heard of on White Marlin.

Other Bahamas Reports:

Cat Island – Tango went 2-2 on Blue Marlin

Cat Island – Two Suns released a White Marlin (100) and a Blue Marlin (300)

Abaco – Mattanza released 2 Blue Marlin

Abaco – Miss Budweiser released 2 Blue Marlin

Abaco  – Wave Paver released 2 Blue Marlin and a White Marlin

Abaco – Weez in the Keys released 2 Blue Marlin

San Salvador – Whoo Dat 2-2 on Blue Marlin and 1-1 on White Marlin


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